The House considers Fashion, from a polyhedral point of view. It forms an economic-social system, which finds innumerable points of union and intersection between the Arts (in its broadest possible meaning) and the economic-productive activity. While it is born, it cohabits and is nourished by, between, for and with people in their social context and individuality. Hence, we understand it philosophically, as a deeply political activity.

The pieces, collections or actions that OTRURA creates must:

  • propose a response to a technical challenge, a conceptual question, or an emotion.
  • be gestated, within the House, leaving its development, process and design, as material and immaterial heritage of OTRURA and those with whom it is connected.
  • Respond with excellence to the work and responsibility of the trades in the daily work of the team.
  • be enjoyed, mended, reinvented, spent. Its wearability, usability, and suitability must respond to its normal use. Always with respect to people, their bodies, their life and the occasion for which it was or were created or created.
  • be beautiful. Beauty in its infinite comprehension is necessary to live.
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