June 2021 launch MovementsVI & VII
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Casa de Moda Contemporanea

The inspiration during this year 2020_2021 is the “Latent”.

Latent, understood as all those emotions and feelings that we carry within us, which can sometimes come out and express themselves freely, exposing our most intimate side.

Latent, like what each person wants to express and feel when wearing a garment, shoes or a bag … Latent, is the implicit personality of each person that leaves its mark through each piece.

MovementIV embraces the concept: we play with layers, silhouettes with fluid volumes, back linings, visible artisan corsets, unraveling tweed, new open seams that allow the skin to be seen, open exterior and raised seams, absence of linings to see the inside finishes.

MovementV is inspired in “Hidden Crafts”. We have come to an Empty Spain, where our sewing workshops are located. A latent reality far removed from how that respect for “hands” is experienced in other places.

We work pattern latency in reconstructions, interior constructions in garments other than those that would correspond, raised open seams, tulles, hand-chopped and ripped fabrics that contain a bias inside.

Welcome and thank you for joining us in our year Latente2020_2021

OTRURA does not manufacture stocks, it handmade each order and it is delivered in 3 weeks.
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