Our approach to sustainability is based on 3 pillars:

I.- Inheritance, Trade and Progress

As members of the industry, and with in-depth knowledge of the trades, the Casa's commitment to them and to the communities that develop around them is necessary.

The workshops and the knowledge acquired are essential for the survival and progress of the trades, as well as their backbone of the local economy and a tool to combat social gaps. Creating synergies and dialogues between new technologies and tradition.

II.- Teaching

To influence and transmit the message of sustainability and trade, it is necessary to participate actively in the teaching activity. This dissemination and understanding will strengthen the maintenance and evolution of these, and the possibility of contributing to Spain and Europe being creators, developers and promoters of added and cultural value in the global industry.

III.- Culture

Fashion must be a relevant actor in the cultural context. Expressed in commercial and communication actions, as well as in the two essential elements configuring it: creativity and the ability to industrialize and generate employment and wealth. For this reason, from the Casa we defend the “economic-cultural militancy”. Vector of movements and at the same time committed to the reinvestment in the industry of corporate profits.

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