The inspiration during this year 2020_2021 is the Latent“.
It has been a year where we have reflected on the future and what is to come, Mov IV.

Where we have vindicated the trades that each of our garments hide, as reflected in MBFWM and in the campaign dedicated to empty Spain and its oblivion for Mov V.

We have tried to understand all those emotions and feelings that we carry within us, which can sometimes come out and express themselves freely, exposing our most intimate side. This is reflected in our presence at 080 Barcelona.

Now we take Latent as before. As the darkest or brightest moment before the light or darkness is patent and how that cyclical feeling is reflected in us. Latent like the work behind the fight.

This sentiment is reflected in Movements VI & VII through the decline in transparency of pieces from previous movements. With exploded patterns, down to the smallest expression and how they are put back together to create a different garment.

Cold wool tulles, satin, organza, knit, pieces with volumes against other tight, overlays and at the same time the need to show parts of the body.

Thank you for having accompanied us throughout our year 2020-2021 “Latent”

OTRURA does not manufacture stocks, it makes each order.

MovimientoVI y VII Mujer
Dirección Creativa: Next Content / Fotografía y Video: Pablo Curto

Vestido OTRURA Haacke

Dress Haacke handmade of satin on the bias with hooked seams. Overlapping of three dresses.

Vestido OTRURA Herrera

Dress Herrera in silk, without seams and we use biodegradale 3D Bottoms.

Blazer OTRURA Garnelo

Blazer Garnelo in porcelana wool and silk, finished off with hemmed stockings.


Top Haro  Pyratex®, deconstructed blazer in cold wool and Gazul shorts in wool and mimosa silk.

Blazer OTRURA Hadge

Blazer Hedge in silk and wool. Split back and oversize.

Vestido OTRURA Gil

Dress Gil  in silk, with semi_corset in brust

Vestido OTRURA

Dress Hay in cotton, with pleats  on the ruffles and over dress in tulle with tailoring weights.

Camisa OTRURA Galle

Camisa Galle destructured and rebuilt in cotton poplin and Garay satin trousers.


Blazer Haut crop in wool, top Harper en cotton tull and silk and pants Garay silk

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