Concept of the year 2021_2022 “The Reality of the Dream”

We are pleased to share the opening of our 2021_2022 dedicated to “The Reality of the Dream”.

A year where we seek to reflect on the meaning of “Dream” in our lives.

How dreams define us and their search affects us when it is transformed into longing. How they influence our day-to-day life from their immaterial plane, and how it attracts us to decipher their most real side, while intimidating us.

The boundary between reality and dream, what we wish in silence, what we hate and terrify us, what motivates us and makes us passionate, what we only dream about and do not count, …

Movement VIII “Despertar”

The “Despertar”, that moment in which the two worlds, the dreamlike and the real, separate. A little daily drama.

A place that emerges and disappears at the same time. That we don’t know exactly where it belongs. Where we fall or rise, where images are still blurred. Where something keeps us in an unreal world, regardless of the temporal elements of a day or an hour.

That is why we use mercerized poplin, volumes that lull us, sky colors, Zarauz and chalk, with velvety fabrics and transformed and plastered cottons. Cuts that contrast the figure and external oversize that we feel in the body thanks to the seams and elements such as darts, openings, …

OTRURA does not manufacture stocks, it makes each order.

Launching 080 Barcelona abril 2021

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