The inspiration during this year 2020_2021 is the “Latent”.
Latent, understood as all those emotions and feelings that we carry within us, which can sometimes come out and express themselves freely, exposing our most intimate side.

Latent, how our movements dedicated to man. That patients have waited for their moment.

In MovementVII we wanted to reformulate some patterns of the House and create some subtle pieces, as a symbol of that latency. A small set of garments that anticipate our vision of man and prepare us for the future.

Relaxed silhouettes, in cold wool with open trousers, gathered at the waist, floaty and t-shirts created in seam, with subtle hemstitches and chopped finishes.

OTRURA does not manufacture stocks, it makes each order.

Launching 080 Barcelona abril 2021

OTRURA 080 Barcelona

Cold knit houndstooth wool t-shirt and Avrial porcelain cold wool trousers

OTRURA 080 Barcelona

Blouson Eltoit and wide trouser Hering with pleating waist.

080 Barcelona OTRURA

Double breasted Baldi trouser Hauser wool.

OTRURA 080 Barcelona

Hibon Shirt in cotton voile and Halen wool trouser.

OTRURA 080 Barcelona

Weistcoat Hubert and Harvey wool trouser with pleats.

OTRURA 080 Barcelona

Espina Kimono and Bedford pinstripes trousers and Hopper poplin shirt

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