OTRURA does not made stocks, it handmade each order.

All our pieces have been created with a spirit of permanence.

For this reason, there is no “last” collection concept, they are always available to our customers.

We invite you to contact us to expand the information.

Movement II


Blazer Arce

Chalkstripe blazer, Otrura construction for maximum comfort in 270 gr worsted wool. Free interlinings. A button.

blazer hombre otrura arce principa de gales

Blazer Arce

Prince of Wales blazer, Otrura construction for maximum comfort in wool. Free interlinings. A button.


Trousers Cayon

3 pleats wool pants. Waistband with lateral extension, two side pockets to the seam, two back pockets with piping, 6.5cm cuff hem.


Pantalón Carter

Wool pants. 21 cm open leg, waistband with lateral extension, without pleats. Zippers on hem and pockets.

chaleco hombre otrura cervi negro

Waistcoat Cervi

Cervi waistcoat in worsted wool. Three buttons. 2 front pockets with trims.


Shirt Cardi

White cotton voile shirt with soft collar. Straight cuffs with button and Otrura pleat.

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