Our House is deeply involved in the education and human development of our sector and in the dissemination of the trades and their culture.

Sustainability without educational projects is meaningless and we trust the new generations and their talent as the only way to advance and prepare a living future for Fashion.

OTRURA currently maintains agreements with the main educational institutions:

CSDMM / ESNE / University of Nebrija / IEDE / EASD / ESDM / IED / Villanueva University / Barreira School / Elle Education / …

That is why we make available to everyone related to teaching and education the work that we are doing with the students how generously they share their passion and talent within our House.

They will be able to see the result of the same, photographic material and explanation of the pieces. To do this, you just have to send us to the email indicated below, an official proof of being studying or being a teacher at an official education center, that way we will send an open link where you can see this wonderful work.

If you are interested in job positions and want to send us your portfolio, we thank you in advance …


If you know the House and you are excited to share your official internship period …


If you are interested in seeing the students’ work or want to get in touch to create an educational agreement …


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