Concept of the year 2020_2021 “Latente”

Inspired by the coexistence of two realities in unison at the same time and place.

Living a patent and latent reality, being immersed in a mutation. Be two in the same instant. A transformation that can culminate, or be on hold.

We play with layers, silhouettes with fluid volumes, back linings, visible artisan corsets, unraveled tweed, new “encanilladas” seams that allow the skin to be seen, seams turned to the outside and no linings to see the interior finishes.

Welcome and thank you for joining us in our Latente2020_2021 year

OTRURA does not manufacture stocks, it handmade each order in 3 weeks

CollectionIV 2020

Campaña Otoño 2020 OTRURA

Open and ripped tweed jumpsuit, built with an inner corset, frayed neckline and open pleats. Wide and relaxed bottom.

Campaña Otoño 2020 OTRURA

Blouson-dress, in porcelain wool, fluid, with open spool seams and hemstitches in the pocket area and pants in cold wool with two relaxed pleats.

Campaña Otoño 2020 OTRURA

Dress in cold wool “pied-de-poule”, with open seams, straps and over dress in cotton poplin.

Campaña Otoño 2020 OTRURA

Kimono with front shirt cut, in pinstripes wool, with visible and flared seams and joined sleeves like a vest and pants in cold wool with two wide relaxed front pleats.

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