Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla

In the face of constant news, they tell us about the increasingly important increase in the concept of sustainability in everything we consume. Reality makes its way, and the low cost continues as a sales leader. We do not reconsider the consequences of our acts of consumption. The recycling of waste is of course essential. But perhaps it is urgent to recycle our way of consuming. Especially in the way that those who have the capacity to make decisions do it.

We have found our concept of sustainability indivisibly connected with the respect for trades, in the work of Andreu Carulla. Catalan designer, creator of the studio with his own name since 2006, is how he defines his website, one of the most versatile creators of our current panorama.

We see in his work a connection with traditional trades. The joinery in each of its projects as in the series Convento or Bernardes. That also merges with the traditional office of wiping. Being able to observe the grain of the wood, the touch that becomes almost essential as soon as you see the intertwining of the seat, activates the unity of the memory immediately. The memory of the familiar object, simple, accessible to the eye, elevated in our contemporaneity.

In love with the union of materials like in Hole Inn, where he creates a bird house through cement and tree bark or his “sculpture” works for different collaborations with Celler Can Roca in the presentation of his dishes.

An imperishable free design that seems to be already transmitting with his portrait on the chair of Prouve. An artisan rather than a designer or architect, a metallurgist. Andreu Carulla is a craftsman of the physical story. We see how he reflects on his furniture, crockery, jewelery or interiors, as happens inside created in communion with Mikko Laakkonen for the Spanish embassy in Helsinki (in commemoration of the centenary of it).

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