Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades is one of the main creators of his generation. Brilliant as few in its formal balance, between form, materials and functionality, it was born in Cyprus. He moved very early to London to study Civil Engineering at London’s Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine. Prior to that, he had already completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art.

Edited by Lobmeyr, Svenskt Tenn and above all by FLOS, from 2007 onwards, he also began to publish his own pieces through the company with his same name. Creating luminaries, furniture, jewelry and objects for the Art of the Table.

We are passionate about his work, we marvel at the capacity for aesthetic realization, almost minimal that he develops. With an elegance of maximum mastery, it transmits a force where it dispenses with the accessory and creates a game with the forms it connects. Almost craftsman, his work walks between eclecticism, individuality, and the need to create pieces of design, where quality and timelessness are in a privileged position.

Surely the transcendence that we find in his pieces and above all, when living them, comes from how the creation of any of them begins. It approaches almost from a monacal point of view, where the first search and its relationship with space is the glow.

In an era, where speed is the keynote in the composition. Where the creation is subordinated to the collections and imputs of the market. Going into the world of beauty of Mr. Anastassiades, allows us a space to reflect and stop. Its eternal pieces, how organized from a point of view, where it seems that they were always there, allows us to transmit a declaration of intentions.

His pieces are already in the collections of museums such as the MOMA, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London or the Craft Council of the same city.

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