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Nigel Van Wieck was born in Bexley, Kentel, United Kingdom, in 1947. He studied in Europe and learned about the work of the great masters, their styles and aesthetics.

It has thrilled us, what in various forums, called the “Quiet Realism” in “Alone”. A veil, a melancholic atmosphere.

He emigrated to the United States in 1979, being almost immediately influenced by contemporary American realists. From there we can see traces of Edward Hopper. An air of beautiful contemporary costumbrismo. An art that translates the solitude of the city. In a short time he became a follower of this current. Developing his own expression and working prolifically throughout more than three decades.

“I am a narrator and the spectator is my audience, but before that, while I am sitting at my easel, I am a member of the audience that is going to be reflected on the canvas.”

Most of his scenes are taken from real life. In them it seems to behave like “a voyeur”. Watch your possible models live, use photographs and cutouts, which make up an image in your memory. “Reality is much better when you imagine it.” We also unconsciously add what we would like the moment to be transmitting, sometimes in reality.

He achieves with great mastery the use of light on a flat surface and thus provide the essential horizontal, vertical and diagonal elements in his compositions. Compositions that he constructs with a cryptic simplicity. With a simplicity of forms, stripping the figurative detail, to focus on the atmosphere.

Since the final years of the 1980s, he has made several series grouped in themes such as Working Girls, players and dance.

In general terms, in the majority of Wieck’s works, melancholy and loneliness are present as a form of emotional disconnection. Something that again brings him closer to Hopper, and in the same way, immediately gets the attention of the viewer.

Nigel Van Wieck exhibited in 1995 at the Centennial Exhibition of the Venice Biennial, and since then he has done it for the United States, Europe and other countries of the world.

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