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We have baptized the communication campaign of SS19, #INDIVIDUALINDEPENDENCE. This work, where we show the first images of our first small sewing collection, both man and woman, serves to close the circle of the year of #COURAGE. We begin our journey with a vindication of personal, individual courage to be who we are. The act of being aware of oneself and the inner journey that we must make in order to know ourselves.

On the way, we were lucky to have two great friends and ambassadors of our house. Fernando Andina and Maite Sebastiá. Thanks to them, we were able to enter into the personality of two deep, complex people, who responded just like our first protagonists. In our campaign FW18.19. Of some questions that make us reflect.

Finally, we chose Casa Levene, as an incomparable setting to place our two ambassadors sharing space with their personalities. We wanted to illustrate the need to share our individuality and how they relate to each other. As we are sociable beings, and how we must preserve our personal independence and create a third evolution that arises in the union of several personalities. Individuality as respect for oneself, not as isolated beings. As the instrument for the creation of new unions.

The Casa Levene was built by the architect Eduardo Arroyo and the NO.MAD studio. A very complex construction and created for the individuality of a family. The promoter, also architect and founder of the magazine El Croquis, Richard Levene. The construction of this detached house has been subordinated to the pre-existence of the forest in which it is located. Just as we relate to each other with the pre-existence of our individualities. For this, they will make the most of the qualities offered by nature. We began by drawing the volumetric trace of the building adapting to the existing trees, leaving it to nature to choose the way to be lived. it is the creation of space from the void of the original inhabitant.

One of the reflections that Eduardo Arroyo made for the newspaper El Mundo, captivated us. It declared the need to conceive this house respecting the existing nature to the maximum avoiding talking about sustainability, alternative energies or ecology as a varnish of contemporaneity and political correctness. This concept of sustainability, links perfectly with the basis of OTRURA. Where we live sustainability, not only as a respect for the materials we use, but as a way of respect for people, their culture and their environment. A respect for time, Trades and People. Sustainability is a concept that goes beyond the idea of ​​waste or traceability of operations or products.

As we can read in the interview published to Eduardo Arroyo in the newspaper El Mundo:

“He presents the house as the anti-forest: a construction that wriggles between the holes left by the trees and fills the air they leave in the middle”. Arroyo takes pains to explain to us that one of the beautiful efforts of architecture is not to be “structurally pornographic”, that is, not to show everything that is done.

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