Designed with an Oxford construction and the last 36113, powerful and concrete, we were inspired by the high mountain footwear of the beginning of the century, borrowing the name of one of the main Italian mountains, to use elements such as the strap, which we decorated with brogue and the replacement of the eyelets by speedhooks.

Complete model, with a complex construction development that interconnects the parts of the construction of the shoe. A powerful design available only decorated by hand with Patina Blood and that hides many symbolic details of the house, such as “more” and “less”, in different pitches for each foot.

OTRURA uses them as symbols of the counterparts that make up a whole. Our 36113 last, powerful and forceful, is fantastic for expressing powerful concepts and being able to combine it with complete freedom. A comfortable and round shape, a last OTRURA.

Born in COURAGE year, we wanted to expose the power of the spirit of pioneer improvement reflected in the first adventurers and explorers, but also in each person, each awakening and struggle for dreams. Now into selection NOCOLLECTION.


Otrura Oxford Brogue Shoes.

Otrura Goodyear Couture.

Calfskin and handmade patine.

JR Leather Sole.

Handmade in Italy.

Shipping 20 days after order