New School


Design with Oxford construction and last 36013, New School is as its name says, a new way of considering extreme elements in part of our contemporaneity. The use of the 40mm heel is an element that was born in very old times and that its last use was in the 70’s.

We rescued it and we use it in a model that can be combined with a skinny aesthetic but also with a suit, it is self-confidence, it is ourselves. Born in the COURAGE year, we seek to transmit with these designs, strength, differentiation, personality and a sense of seeking to go further from the limits, seeking to get our being, rebel, listen to music and scream loudly. Now into selection NOCOLLECTION.


Otrura Oxford Brogue Toe Shoes.

Otrura Goodyear Couture.

Limited Edition to 38 pairs.

Calfskin Leather.

Handmade patine Blood

JR Leather Sole and 40 mm heel.

Handmade in Italy.

Shipping 20 days after order


38.0, 39.0, 40.0, 40.5, 41.0, 41.5, 42.0, 42.5, 43.0, 43.5, 44.0, 44.5, 45.0, 45.5, 46.0