Old Chelsea


The boots are one of the favorite pieces in Otrura, they are an icon of the house and in this case, built with the last 36013, we wanted to pay tribute to the classic booties Chelsea. But as always in the house, giving it a spin, working the perforated profusely even in the handles that this time we put front and back with another of the iconic elements of the house, the buckles and a new icon could not be without using the color par excellence of Otrura, “La Sfocatura Otrura”, a skid by hand between green and black. The Patine Otrura.

Born in COURAGE year, we seek to transmit with these designs, strength, differentiation, personality and a sense of seeking to go further from the limits, seeking to get our being, rebel, listen to music and scream loudly. Now is into selection, NOCOLLECTION.
Otrura Green


Otrura Brogue Chelsea Toe Boots.

Otrura Goodyear Couture.

Calfskin Leather with the hand patina “Sfocatura Otrura”.

JR Leather Sole.

Palladium fournitures.

Handmade in Italy after 60 hrs.

Shipping 20 days after order