Panamericana for LEIVA


We are proud to create for our admired artist LEIVA, a special model for your NUCLEAR TOUR 2019.2020.

There are two versions available:

“Bestias Salvajes” with Blood color.

“Vertigo Constante” with Chocolate.

The heel has been worked by hand, like the whole shoe, creating a skin incrustation, decorated in the same color as the top. A meticulous craft work.

The Panamericana model, was born to pay tribute to the freedom of music of the 70’s while taking its name from the mythical race of cars that crossed the whole country. Today is synonymous with a song artisan.

Thank you dear friend



Otrura Lazy/Shoes, “LEIVA” Limited Edition to 38 units

Otrura Blake Couture and handmade patine. Available in Blood and Chocolate colors

JR Leather Sole and heel of 40mm with leather incrustation

Made by hand in Italy after more than 50 hours

Delivery 20 days after order