Boots are one of the favorite pieces in Otrura. An icon of the house and, in this case, built with the last 36013.

We wanted to recreate the concept of outwear, of technical garments for the cold, but this time, applied to footwear. This is one of the main characteristics of the house. Apply shapes, textures, materials or knowledge that are traditionally applied in a different way, in order to create a new contemporary piece. Exceeding the limits elegantly.

The skin of lamb, configures a morbid and sensual aspect, at the same time powerful, attractive and seductive. They were born in the COURAGE year. We wanted to expose the power of the spirit of pioneer improvement that is reflected in the first adventurers and explorers, but also in each person, each awakening and struggle for dreams.

They are currently part of the NO COLLECTION selection
En Negro


Otrura Zip Boots.

Otrura Goodyear Couture.


JR Leather Sole.

palladium fournitures.

Handmade in Italy after more 50 hrs.

Shipping 20 days after order