Crafts, Respect & Contemporaneity

“Our global inspiration is beauty in all its forms.
Our value, Respect

Contemporary respect.

Respect for people and their identity.

Respect for the crafts and heritage.

We create very special pieces of radically contemporary design, with the heritage and know-how of crafts.

Dedicated to people, to work and the intrinsic sustainability of artisan culture. We work in our workshops in Spain and Italy, as has traditionally been done by hand. Creating to measure, seam to seam, piece by piece in limited edition and with care.

Collections of contemporary inspiration, seeking innovation, surprise and the illusion of our Clients, and thus contribute to the expression and brightness of their personality.

We adjust to the times that each piece requires to be created.

We believe in sustainable fashion. Enjoy each garment and each shoe.

To be able to reseam them, to continue living day after day. Take care of each product, and be able to update it as it was developed inside the house itself.

Creating is a responsibility that we accept.

It is our concept of sustainability. A commitment to valuable crafts linked to the tradition of the regions.

The fair maintenance of families, the transmission of knowledge of know-how and the use of new technologies to advance. Not to replace.

“We are Contemporary Creators, and creating always supposes taking part”

We do not let the deadlines that are currently marked in the sector, tempt us to accelerate processes or to pass capabilities of our craftsmen.

Get away from speed, from accelerated consumption. Innovating in the aesthetic proposals, taking time. We create differentiated garments. No over production, no calendars, no fear of intermingling winter and summer fabrics.

In the OTRURA collections, transversal elements of the seam appear in the footwear and vice versa. The reason for this is that they are not elements of one or another collection, but are part of our overall aesthetic design ideology.

Belts, buckles, pleats, chiaroscuros, and a very conscientious construction work. An example of it is the male American Arco, made of natural silk gauze, without lining, where everything is seen and displayed.

What the designer of the house intends, is that, in each piece or garment, something happens that excites and marks the difference, with uniqueness. Inspired by the techniques of the trades and their interrelation. Reinterpreting forms, with an originality that goes beyond the limits.

COURAGE 2018.2019

“the courage to be oneself, to feel unique and proud of our own individuality

We are governed by an annual inspiring theme, which is reflected in each of our proposals, regardless of the seasons.

Our theme of the year, “COURAGE”, is present both in the men’s footwear collections and in the first “Costura Capsule Collection” for women and men, presented for SS19, from the house.

The first launch was the collection of footwear for men, CapsuleOne2018.2019, with the campaign #IAMCOURAGE, which represents the courage to fight to be oneself.

They are unique pieces, handmade and commissioned in Italy, signed by our craftsmen, in a limited edition of only 18 or 38 units.

In footwear, chopped, brogues, patterns or buckles are key to represent feelings or double meanings. For example, in the Mille Miglia model, the curves that we created with the work of “abombadura”, are inspired by the spirit of the mythical Italian automobile race, as its route through the mountain rises. And, on the other hand, it reflects those surprises, those “turns” that life brings us.

Art, both classical and contemporary, and its beauty is one of the passions that inspire us.

For this reason in this first “Capsule Sewing Collection” female and male, we pay a small homage “stitch by stitch”, to all those classic artists, whose works are preserved in the Prado Museum, for the value of embodying their soul in art .

We name each of our sewing items, with the surname of a painter, starting with the letter A in alphabetical order.

The collection for # SS19 of OTRURA is a capsule, which encloses all the elements of the House:

“Strength, surprise, sensuality, skin, elegant originality and search for perfection in each finish”

Inspired by a woman and a man, who enjoy reinventing themselves. Sophisticated, sensual and confident.

As in the Men’s Footwear collections, we include small, unique notes that provide a personality of their own.

In this way, in the feminine seam, the folds and pleats, endow the garments with proportions that evolve, like pants with the fitted box, give us a final volume almost of skirt-pants.

Restructured garments such as the Antigone dress, created from two shirts, or the Alzáa blouse, which contorts and embraces the body. The natural silk tulle tops Alloi and Abril, where the body of the woman is veiled … A powerful and sensual seam proposal, without limits.

Each sewing garment is characterized by a certain constructive baroque style, which entails reflection.

OTRURA is “costura” that is reflected


“We admire art and crafts being contemporary”

Sergio De Lázaro

OTRURA, Colecciones de Moda en Ediciones Limitada

Creative and Brand Director & Designer

Born in Madrid, Spain, with a degree in Law from the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid and a Master in Business and Marketing Management from the ESIC Marketing & Business School.

Part of the founding team of OTRURA, currently manages the company and its collections.

After almost 19 years in different fashion firms in the luxury sector, and after undertaking other projects, he gives free rein to all his creative passion with his most personal work, the OTRURA universe.

After almost 3 years of intense work, the first collection of men’s shoes #FW18.19, Capsule One.2018 and the communication campaign #IAMCOURAGE.

He feels more comfortable defining himself as someone who tries to convey a creative concept, of beauty, rather than as a designer.